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Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size?
It is estimated that between 70 to 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra.
In addition many bras do not support the breast comfortably; most compress the breast tissue to give a fully figure, as a result the bra causes undue pressure on the nipple and the breast tissue.

The wrong sized bra can cause many problems such as back pain, breast pain, arm pain, rashes, and headaches.
Here are some signs of wrongly fitted bras:
• Breast spillage:
A properly sized bra should cover the entire breast and no breast tissue should be spilling or bulging out.
• Bra puckering: A wrinkled cup is a sure sign that your bra is a bit too big.
• Bra riding up: If your bra band rides up, your band size may be incorrect.
• Bra digging into shoulder: Especially for women with larger breasts, bra straps can be a true pain. It could also be a sign that your band size is a little too big forcing the straps to carry too much weight.
• Underwire poking: If you find that your underwire is poking you; you are probably wearing a bra size too small.
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