Bra Fitting Consultations

Bras are like most items we wear, we try on dozens before we find the one what we truly love. But sometimes we find none that quite fit at the time it’s needed, settling often for second-best because we're tired of trying them on!
EvieAmore offers a bespoke bra fitting consultation that will be different to anything you will experience on the high street. Passionate about fit for the fuller figured woman (Buxom Belle), we aim to equip and empower so you can buy your next bra with confidence.

Ladies there is the PERFECT bra out there for you and it’s one that makes you feel great.

Your one-to-one consultation will last for up to 45 minutes and will include:
lingerie fitting
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To assess the fit of your current bra and provide you with clear and informed knowledge about any changes.

To determine your requirements i.e. for a special occasion.
To offer you the option to purchase your new lingerie from us and keep you up to date with new stock arriving.
No tape measures will be used during the fitting, because every woman's body is unique with individual needs. We aim to make you comfortable throughout your experience appreciating that many women lack confidence when it comes to their bodies.
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If you are interested in a unique bra-fitting consultation for any occasion (such as wedding, valentine’s, big birthday) or just something for you, call now on 07517681086 or contact by email if you prefer at We would love to speak to you.

Consultations can be arranged at your convenience including weekends. In addition home visits are offered within Royston and surrounding villages.

Even if you are out of this region, please contact us as suitable arrangements can be made. There will also be bra clinics scheduled twice monthly at locations to be confirmed in Royston.
contact Evieamore on 07517681086