About Evieamore

Passionate about the right fit for the Buxom Belle.
A woman goes through a lot of changes in her lifetime from puberty to maturity.

No more pronounced is this change than in her body shape. This change brings about an evolutionary journey in fashion, style and so on. However the breast is usually almost forgotten as a part of the female body undergoing constant changes. It can be somewhat challenging for women to get the correct advice when buying bras, let alone if she has additional requirements (fuller figured woman).

Being a fuller figured woman myself (34FF), I struggled to find good advice on fit especially on the high street. Not satisfied with compromising my femininity over support, I embarked on a personal journey for myself and other buxom belles. EvieAmore was born as a result of my passion to understand the mechanics of bra design, fashion and desire to make women love their bodies.

It is very important to find the correct bra size and understand how it should fit & feel, so that it is comfortable and provides the correct support. It can make a big change to how a woman feels about her body and shape whilst enhancing the clothes that she wears. My vision is to empower all women with knowledge of the right fit, giving her an inner glow and confidence to be as unique as she was created to be.

Temi Giwa, EvieAmore

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